Women of the Word, Embracing Life


” God asks us to fly the nest
to be sent to the frontiers of the world
to create alternate spaces
to wake up the world
in a prophetic way.”
(Pope Francis)


Sr Marie Challacombe leads the sisters in reflection.

In this year of Consecrated Life Marist Sisters in the Sector of Australia gathered on Saturday 25th January to reflect on the theme of the forthcoming General Chapter of the Marist Sisters, Women of the Word Embracing Life. Led by New Zealand Marist sister, Marie Challacombe,  the sisters considered what it means “to fly the nest” and be “prophetic.” They saw how this had been evident in the lives of early Marists such as their foundress Jeanne-Marie Chavoin.

Srs Vivienne (Regional Councillor), Kate (Sector Assistant), Cath (Sector Leader), Noelene (Sector Assistant) & Grace (Regional Leader)


Before the day concluded the sisters took time to give thanks for the Regional and Sector Leadership teams who are concluding their time in office.  They also welcomed the members of the new Regional Leadership Team and missioned the new Sector Leadership team who take up their mandate on 2nd February.

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