Srs Vivienne & Grace


Called by a “gracious choice”,
our mission is to live and proclaim
the good news of Jesus Christ to our world,
to seek transformation and to bring to birth
the Marian face of the Church.


Srs Cath & Rosemary


As members of an international Marist family
we are inspired and challenged
by the vision and witness of our Founders
and Marists who have gone before us,
particularly those of Oceania.



Srs Julianna, Torika, Analulu, Iulia & Lavinia


We live our mission
by the integration of prayer and action,
attentive to those most in need,
setting aside our own interests
in joyful, loving and compassionate service
of God’s people.



Srs Gail & Veronica

Open to the Spirit
and alert to the signs of the times,
we reach out to others
in simplicity and humility,
thinking, judging, feeling and acting as Mary,
accepting that our efforts may be hidden
and, as it were, unknown to others.

Patemo Sialau

I really enjoy your website. I still love the Marist spirit as a former Marist Brother’s student. Now I am teaching history at St Mary’s College in Samoa as a permanent Deacon for the Arch-diocese of Samoa-Apia. Wish all you the best towards the end of this year.

Janice Britten

Really enjoying the website. Thank you. I am very grateful for the opportunities that a Marist education gave to me. Without Marist I may have been one of the starving millions both spiritually and professionally.
Warm regards,
Marist Sisters ‘ College (1963-1966)
Mount Albert

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