Marist Students Study Human Trafficking

As part of the Human Rights component of their Legal Studies course, Year 12 students at Marist Sisters College Woolwich are studying Human Trafficking. Recently ACRATH member, Noelene Simmons sm, was a guest speaker for the class. The presentation included an explanation of what human trafficking is and the forms it takes in Australia and beyond, the legislation that exists in Australia to fight against this crime and the actions we can take to help in eliminating human trafficking and slavery. The students were very engaged throughout the presentation. Comments from the students include:

“Sister Noelene’s presentation opened my eyes to the injustice within the global community in relation to human trafficking and how we as young adults can act to strive for a more equal world.” (Emma)

“The presentation was really informative and helped me understand more about human trafficking and slavery issues within our world. The ethical brands booklet is very interesting, it’s good to learn more about the products I buy. (Cinzia)

“Sister Noelene’s presentation was engaging and really emphasised the ways that us as a community can make a difference in stopping modern day slavery” (Lauren)

Walking for Human Rights in Fiji

Marist Sisters Birisita and Valeria took part in World Human Rights Day activities in Fiji.  They joined in a clean-up campaign of Lami town then went on to join in a march that took place through Suva City.  It started from the flea market and made its way to the Peace Garden at the Suva Civic Centre. This March was led by “Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre” on behalf of the NGO Coalition on Human Rights after a lapse of three years.