Sr Nolasco Storck sm

Sr Nolasco Storck sm

Sr. Nolasco was born in Lautoka in the year 1915 and baptised Marjorie Storck. Her father was Ludwig Storck and her Mother Elizabeth Davis.

Sr. Nolasco inherited the best qualities of both races – German and European but Sister was always happy to be known as Fijian and insisted that her name be spelt StorCk. You will see in the booklet the different places where Sr. Nolasco has worked but you may not know her as a person and the many qualities that were hers. This is what I want to share with you.

Sister had a strong character – What was right was right and what was wrong was wrong. Human nature being what it is some people did not always appreciate this but that’s how it was.

Sr. Nolasco was a caring person. In New Zealand she spent time with the Maori Children
in Waitariki. In Fiji she helped many who needed help. Sister excelled in cooking and her Fruit Cakes were delicious. She shared this gift with the Marist Fathers especially morning teas on Sundays. And as she sat in her wheel – chair in the kitchen she guided me as I cooked pies, pasta and brandy sauce.

Sr. Nolasco was present to support families in times of distress – and when tragedy struck the Tabutoa family in Levuka, Sister sat and prayed together with Fr. John Crispin. Sister was their great support. Day and Night they waited and when the search for their dear father was called off Sister was there to support the Mother and Children and Fr. Crispin who was utterly devastated.

Sister Nolasco was a lover of Nature. She loved flowers and trees and the sky in the evenings delighted her, while the song of the birds filled her with joy. When we took her for a drive she was so happy to see again the beautiful shrubs and trees and especially around Christmas time the Golden Showers and Flamboyant. Sister also was a lover of animals and often asked if Rover had his food.

Sister Nolasco was a woman of many gifts and qualities which she used for Him and
His People. And now she is with Him enjoying the reward prepared for all those who love and serve Him.

On behalf of the Marist Sisters and Sr. Nolasco’s immediate family, especially Max Storck,
I wish to thank all those who helped Sister during her time of illness. We cannot name all of you but we do appreciate your kindness. However, I wish to express our gratitude to Dr. Raymond Fong who was there any time day or night when we needed him.

So, good bye Sr. Nolasco, and thank you for all you have shared with us during our life time together.
(Eulogy given by Sr Marlene at Sr Nolasco’s funeral Mass)

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