Sr Lora in Gambia

Sr Lora

In January 2009 Sr Lora was missioned to The Gambia in West Africa. She has been teaching Religious Education to grades 3, 4, 5 & 6 chldren in St Charles Lwanga School. Sr Lora is seen in the photo with some children she recently prepared for their First Holy Communion.

Sr Lora wrote that recently she was home alone as the others in her community had gone on a pilgrimmage. A man in a wheel chair arrived at the door having been wheeled there by a non-christian neighbour. The man was wanting to receive Holy Communion. Up to this point Lora had been reluctant to give Communion as she was nervous. She was really touched that this man and his helper should disregard the heat of Africa’s midday sun to come in search of Communion. The faith of this man inspired her and she has arranged to take Communion to him in his home on a weekly basis.

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