Remembering Fourvière

Notre-Dame de Fourviere 2“We have the sincere intention and firm purpose
of consecrating ourselves at the first opportunity
to founding a congregation of Mary-ists…
…and we solemnly promise
to spend ourselves and all we possess
in saving souls by every kind of apostolate
under the sacred name of the Virgin Mary
and with her protection and help.”
(Pledge of Fourvière, 1816)

Fourvière 3Each year on 23rd July, Marists throughout the world recall the day when twelve seminarians climbed the 800 steps to the Chapel of Our Lady of Fourvière where they pledged themselves to beginning the Marist Family. They drew their inspiration from Mary’s presence in the early church and her relationship with Jesus, the Church and the contemporary world.

May the enthusiasm and fervour of the men of Fourvière continue to inspire all Marists to fervently live the Gospel after the manner of Mary .

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