Religions Unite on Climate Policy

Leaders of prominent religious leaders have signed an open letter organised by the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change.  The letter calls upon Australia to be a part of the global solution to climate change, in order to avert a dangerous potential 4° C rise in global temperatures.  At the launch of the letter on July 4 the various signatories and their spokespersons affirmed our human interconnectedness with the natural world, and our responsibility to take care of it. They shared a concern for social justice for those who are suffering the effects of climate change in the Pacific and elsewhere, as well as for those whose jobs are displaced when society moves away from coal mining.  Among the signatories were Archbishop Philip Wilson, Archbishop of Adelaide & Chair of Catholic Earthcare Australia and Sr Annette Cunliffe rsc, President, Catholic Religious Australia.

Marist Sisters believe that we have a responsibility to be “grateful receivers and willing guardians” of our earth and its resources.  We accept this open letter from the Religious leaders and invite you to join with us in responding to its invitation.

Download a copy of the open letter here.

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