Magnificat~Final Profession of Sr Lilibeth

LilibethIn this Year of Consecrated Life, Sr Lilibeth Cajes sm made her Perpetual Profession as a Marist Sister in Davao, the Philippines. In a simple and beautiful celebration on July 23, Lilibeth vowed chastity, poverty and obedience for life in the Congregation of Mary. Her vows were received by Sr Grace Ellul sm, Congregational Leader of the Marist Sisters. The Profession Mass took place in Immaculate Conception Parish, Mintal. The main celebrant was Bishop Guillermo Afable, the bishop of Digos, Lilibeth’s hometown.

FP5Almost 200 people attended the celebration. All branches of the Marist Family were present. Lilibeth’s family came all the way from Digos with some of their relatives and friends. The Marist Laity were present in full force even though it was a work day.

A large number of Mintal parishioners attended and expressed their gratefulness at witnessing a Perpetual Profession of a sister for the first time. They spoke of how touched they were by the whole celebration, and especially when all the Marist Sisters present embraced Lilibeth as a sign of peace and welcome to heFP3r. The reception that followed was held in the Parish Hall. Entertainment was provided by the various branches of the Marist Family. Hazel and Terube were joined¬†by the Marist Missionary Sisters to perform a dance from Kiribati while the Marist Fathers’ novices sang a song they had specially composed for Lilibeth. See more photos…


Thank you all very much sisters for all the prayers and support you have given me. I am truly blessed to belong in the Congregation of Mary!

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