Immersion Experience in the Philippines

Marist Sisters with students from MSCW and their support team

As an alternative to “Schoolies week” at a resort three students from Marist Sisters’ College Woowich recently visited Marist missions in Davao City, the Philippines.  Prior to departing Sydney one student commented, “I’ve always thought Schoolies overrated – spending all that money on something you’ll soon get over – and the things you take from it are very limited.  I hope to value this for the rest of my life and I expect it to change and challenge me, take me beyond my comfort zone.”

While in Davao the students and their support group visited the mental hospital and two former patients of this institute.  They also visited a community in the Bajao district where they were confronted by extreme poverty but also welcomed by the delight of the women and children who had been anticipating their visit.

Since returning from Davao the students have taken part in a debriefing session.  It was obvious that this experience has touched them deeply.

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