First Profession of Two Fijian Sisters

Srs Val, Jane Frances (Congregational Leader) and Biri

On the  Feast of the Annunciation the First Profession of Srs Biri and Val was celebrated with great joy in Mintal, the Philippines.  Fr. Pat Muckian SM was the celebrant.  Congregational Leader of the Marist Sisters, Sr Jane Frances O’Carroll, and Regional Leader of the Marist Sisters in Asia-Pacific, Sr Julie Brand, were present as were all Marist Sisters of the Philippine Sector.

Sr Biri Pronounces Her Vows


They were joined by members of the Marist Fathers, Marist Brothers, Marist Laity, friends and neighbours.  Sr Jane Francis, Congregational Leader, received Biri’s and Val’s Vows.

Sr Val Receives Her Congregational Cross




Biri and Val were peaceful and happy as they celebrated this special event.  After Mass, and the taking of photos,  a delicious meal was shared.  Biri and Val received many loving messages from Sisters in the Region and beyond.

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