Fire Destroys Homes in Davao, Philippines

Davao FireIn early April, Isla Verde and some barangays in Boulevard were ravaged by a fire that went on for 6 hours. Thankfully no one lost their life in the fire but almost 3,000 families were left homeless and are now being temporarily housed at a gymnasium, in classrooms of a school near the area, and at the nearby Magsaysay Park. Most of the fire victims are Badjaos, a seafaring group who are known as sea gypsies. They are mostly seen in the city streets begging but slowly they were starting to build their lives by earning money from selling ukay ukay or peddling other goods. Now they will have to start all over again.

Davao Fire 2The Learning Center, where the Marist Sisters were teaching the Badjao children life skills, was also burnt to the ground during the fire.  The city government has been giving support to the victims but more help is needed. The families are in need of clothes, food, water and medical service.

Please join with the Marist Sisters in praying that the people affected by the fire will be given the support they need to rebuild their lives and so live with dignity.

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