Feast of the Holy Name of Mary

On 12th September each year Marists throughout the world celebrate the feast of the Holy Name of Mary.  This feast reminds us that we “belong by a gracious choice to the family of the Blessed Mary, Mother of God.  In her name we are called Marists”(Spirit of the Society of Mary by Jean Claude Colin S.M., Founder).  The feast is also an other opportunity for Marists to reflect on how Mary would have lived the gospel in our day.

Two New Zealand Marist Sisters have prepared a reflection for this year’s feast. The reflections may be downloaded here.

Maria Baden

Thank you Marist Sisters. May all who call themselves Marist feel deeply the privilege of being chosen, just as Mary herself was chosen by God. May her name ring with joy in our hearts and through her example, bring us closer to the All-Loving Divine.
Happy feast day!!

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