Episcopal Ordination of the Archbishop of Suva

Archbishop Peter Loy Chong

Months of preparation culminated on 8th June in a magnificent ceremony for the Episcopal Ordination of Archbishop Peter Loy Chong.  Marist Sisters in Fiji were delighted to be part of this historical event for the Fijian church.  People poured into Suva’s Vodafone Arena from all over Fiji, its outer islands, towns and cities.  The Mass was concelebrated by bishops from other Pacific Islands and 140 priests .  The choir consisted of 300 men, women and children with 3 people who conducting the singing. Also present were the representatives of other Churches in Fiji, dignitaries, Government officials and people from overseas.  There was a Fijian ceremony straight after the Mass to welcome the new Archbishop and assure him of the support of his flock.

On Sunday 9th June there was a Mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral Suva.  During this Mass the new Archbishop was escorted by the former Archbishop, Petero Mataca, to the special chair.  This was an emotional moment for all.  Marist Sister Mariana Teveruga  represented the Religious Congregations in Fiji as she pledged obedience and loyalty to the new Archbishop.  Representative from the priests of Fiji and from the laity made similar pledges.

Archbishop Chong's Coat of Arms

The Bishop’s Coat of Arms is “To Be Church in the World”. His vision embraces both church and theological prospects in the diagram. Archbishop Chong said that he was strongly convinced that theology had to be contextual so that it would be relevant to peoples’ questions and problems today.

May Archbishop Peter Loy Chong be blessed with all the graces he needs to implement his dream for the Church in Fiji.

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