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Patrick Martin

I taught at St John’s Clinton Park, Gladstone for six months in 1983. I often think about Sr Patricia and Sr John (?? the head nun..excuse me, age and memory is failing me). I’m 63 now. I would have been about 25 then. I hope that they are both well. Fond regards, Patrick Martin

Emma Liley

Kia ora, I’d love to make contact with Sr Mary Dore who used to reside in Rotorua.
Is anyone able to send a contcat address and email please?
I’d love to catch up somehow.

Suzanne Harris-Johns

I am trying to get a phone number for Sister Margaret Cross. I am visiting from Australia and only have her email address which she only looks at occasionally.
My name is Suzanne Harris-Johns


Lesley Judge

Looking for Sister Patricia who used to be my principal at St John’s School in Gladstone QLD.
The last I heard of her she was in Africa, until I saw her name on this site.
Would love to know how she is and if she would like to contact me.
God Bless,
Lesley Judge

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