Centenary of Marist Sisters in Australia

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On 30th December 1907 three Marist Sisters arrived in Sydney to make a foundation in Australia . To celebrate the centenary of this event there has been a year of celebration. On 30th December 2007 there was a re-enactment of the arrival of the three sisters, Mother Melanie, Sr Cyrille and Sr Odilon. This arrival in Australia was a further fulfillment of Jeanne-Marie Chavoin’s dream  of having Marist Sisters in Oceania. In March a Mass was held in St Brigid’s Church Millers Point to celebrate this fact. It was a fitting location because it was in the sacristy of this church that the first Marist Sisters missioned to Oceania had slept when on their way to Fiji in 1892. In April Sr Joan McBride presented a talk on the mission of the Marist Sisters in Australia over the last hundred years. We recalled with gratitude the lives of deceased Marist Sisters who have ministered in Australia with a ceremony of remembrance at the cemetries where our sisters our buried on 1st November. The culmination of our Centenary Year was a Centenary Mass on Sunday 7th December.This Mass, attended by members of the five branches of the Marist Family as well as relatives and friends of the Marist Sisters, was a celebration of thanksgiving for all that God has done in, through us and for us over the last 100 years. For more photos of Centenary events select one of the following links.

Re-enactment Ceremony           Mass at St Brigids         Sr Joan McBride’s Talk

Ceremony of Remembrance            Centenary Mass

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