Beginnings in Papua New Guinea

With the arrival of Srs Lavinia and Kathleen the Marist Community in Papua New Guinea is now complete. On the feast of the Annunciation the sisters had their first community meeting and also the joy of having Mass in their convent for the first time. On 19th April the Bishop came to Kanosia to offer Mass and bless the convent. The whole parish was involved in this festive day of prayer, feasting and entertainment.

New Mission in Papua New Guinea

On Wednesday 4th February 2009 Sr Kate McPhee left Sydney to begin a Marist Sisters Community in Kanosia in the diocese of Bereina. Sr Anne Rounds, Regional Council of the Marist Sisters in Asia Pacific, accompanied Kate.  After two weeks Anne returned to New Zealand and Kate busied herself preparing for the arrival of her two companions. In early March Sr Jane Frances O’Carroll, Congregational Leader, visited Kate.  The woman of the village dressed in traditional grass skirts, with painted faces, flowers on their heads and leaves tucked into bands on their upper arms, placed a lei around Jane’s neck and proceeded to accompany her to the sisters’ home as they performed the traditional dance of the Central Province. This dance was followed by a shared meal prepared by the teachers. On 23rd February three young women from Papua New Guinea, Catherine, Celina and Mary Lily, arrived in the Philippines to continue their journey to become Marist Sisters.

New Foundation for Papua New Guinea

Srs Lavinia, Kate and Kathleen

The first three Marist Sisters missioned to Papua New Guinea will be arriving  here in the near future. They will establish a community in Kanosia in the diocese of Bereina. A residence for the sisters is currently being constructed. Srs Kate (Australia), Kathleen (New Zealand) and Lavinia (Fiji) spent a period of time in Fiji earlier this year learning of the lifestyle and culture of the people they will be working with.


The sisters are very excited about this opportunity to share the Marist Charism in a new place. In September Sr Florence was the first Papua New Guinean woman to make her profession as a Marist Sister. There are currently three young women from Papua New Guinea in inital stages of formation in Fiji prior to going to Novitiate in the Philippines.