Anniversary of Fourvière

On 23rd July 1816 twelve seminarians climbed 800 steps to the chapel of Fourvière.  There before the statue of Our Lady they pledged themselves to begin the Society of Mary.  They declared:

“We, the undersigned, striving to work together
for the greater Glory of God
and the honour of Mary, Mother of the Lord Jesus,
assert and declare our sincere intention and firm will
of consecrating ourselves, at the first opportunity,
to founding the pious congregation of Marists.”

On this day we pray that all members of the Marist Family – Marist Sisters, Marist Fathers, Marist Missionary Sisters, Marist Laity and Marist Brothers – will be inspired anew by the enthusiasm and commitment of the men of Fourvière who promised to spend themselves and all they had for the sake of the Kingdom.

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