A Pilgrim’s Reflections

Sr Kate McPhee kate-in-spain2has shared the following reflection on her recent pilgrimage to Spain:

“For the first 3 weeks of October I was invited to be a participant in an Adult Pilgrimage to Spain organized by and for staff members of Cerdon College.  The trip to Spain was unforgettable. An incredible country with an even more incredible history, I don’t think I really prepared myself for the cross culture/religious mix that has marked Spain and its history.  It was an experience that will take me some time to reflect upon and process.

We covered a big part of Spain, beginning in Madrid, visiting Toledo and Segovia (where Teresa and John of the Cross once lived), then south to Granada which included a day at the Alhambra Palace, then over towards the west to Seville then up through Salamanca, Avila and onto Santiago de Compostela.  From there we went further north crossing over the top of Spain towards San Sebastian (near the Pyrenees).  We then made our way down heading west towards the coast, stopping in Pamplona, Sabadell, Manresa, Montserrat and finally arriving in Barcelona from where I came back to Sydney. Read more…

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